Pittsburgh, PA - Denver, led by QB Walt Taylor's 201 yards passing yards and four touchdowns, led 32-0 heading into the fourth quarter. Pittsburgh's first points came on a Mike Hohensee-to-Russell Hairston (League MVP) 11-yard strike with 11:17 left the fourth.

Future Arena Football Hall of Famer Gary Mullen had nine receptions for 123 yards and three touchdowns and was named the ESPN MVP of the Game.

Sat, Aug 1, 1987 1 2 3 4 F
Denver Dynamite 12 6 14 13 45
Pittsburgh Gladiators 0 0 0 16 16
Team Q Time Scoring Play V-H
DEN 1 6:33 Forte fumble recovery (Morales kick failed) 7-0
DEN 1 5:23 Prather 2 run (Taylor pass failed) 12-0
DEN 2 10:22 W.Taylor 26 pass to Mullen (Taylor run failed) 18-0
DEN 3 5:12 Taylor 32 pass to Rodgers (Morales kick) 25-0
DEN 3 0:00 Trimble 47 interception return (Morales kick) 32-0
PIT 4 11:17 Hohensee 11 pass to Hairston (Hohensee pass) 32-8
DEN 4 8:47 W.Taylor 5 pass to Mullen (Morales kick) 39-8
DEN 4 3:11 W.Taylor 19 pass to Mullen (Morales kick failed) 45-8
PIT 4 0:32 Folmar 14 pass to Rushmond (Folmar pass) 45-16

Denver Dynamite Passing

TAYLOR, Whit142653.82057.941

Pittsburgh Gladiators Passing

HOHENSEE, Mike183650.01885.213
FOLMAR, Brendan71838.9553.111

Denver Dynamite Rushing

PRATHER, Richard4246.01
TAYLOR, Whit3-3- 1.00
BREWER, Chris210.50

Pittsburgh Gladiators Rushing

HOHENSEE, Mike6142.30
MCCLENNON, John1-2- 2.00

Denver Dynamite Receiving

MULLEN, Gary912313.73
TAYLOR, Durell2199.50
BREWER, Chris12222.00
RODGERS, Richard13131.01
PRATHER, Richard11010.00

Pittsburgh Gladiators Receiving

HAIRSTON, Russell88510.61
RICHMOND, Rock6538.81
RAFFERTY, James5357.00
MCCLENNON, John33913.00
POWELL, Mike22010.00
STOOPS, Mike11111.00

Denver Dynamite MFG Returns

TAYLOR, Durell23115.50

Pittsburgh Gladiators MFG Returns

MITCHELL, Ricky11010.00
MCCLENNON, John100.00

Denver Dynamite INT Returns

TRIMBLE, Steve36020.01
MULLEN, Gary100.00

Pittsburgh Gladiators INT Returns

RICHMOND, Rock100.00

Denver Dynamite Kickoff Returns

MULLEN, Gary11818.00

Pittsburgh Gladiators Kickoff Returns

MITCHELL, Ricky45714.30

Denver Dynamite Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
MORALES, Marco3/560.00/40.0

Pittsburgh Gladiators Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
LARSEN, Lee0/00.00/30.0

Denver Dynamite Defense

SKIPPER, Clyde10.01000000
SMITH, Keith5.05021500
MULLEN, Gary4.0400000
KIRCHBAUM, Kelly3.5310.5301
BREWER, Chris3.0300000
HARRIS, Chuck3.03021500
FORTE, Phil2.5211.51201
RODGERS, Richard2.0200000
NORRIS, Jon2.0201400
TRIMBLE, Steve2.0200000
CAIN, Pat1.0101300
TAYLOR, Durell1.0100000

Pittsburgh Gladiators Defense

RICHMOND, Rock4.0400001
DMITRENKO, Scott3.5312.5600
FEDERICO, Creig3.0300010
STOOPS, Mike3.0300000
YATES, Willis2.0200000
WALLS, Craig1.5111.51100
POWELL, Mike1.0100000
MITCHELL, Ricky1.0100000
MCCLENNON, John1.0100000
WEAVER, Tom1.0100000
RAFFERTY, James1.0100000