Detroit, MI - Detroit's victory was the third overall championship for Drive head coach Tim Marcum, who led the Denver Dynamite to the very first ArenaBowl championship in 1987 before coming to Detroit in 1988.

Pittsburgh's Rusty Fricke connected on an ArenaBowl record 55-yard field goal in the game. Workhorse Lynn Bradford ran the ball 12 times for 46 yards and a pair of touchdowns for the Drive, including a title game record 17-yard scamper in the first quarter. Pittsburgh snared a record five interceptions.

Fri, Aug 18, 1989 1 2 3 4 F
Pittsburgh Gladiators 3 9 14 0 26
Detroit Drive 10 10 13 0 39
Team Q Time Scoring Play V-H
DET 1 13:53 Safety (fumble through endzone) 0-2
DET 1 7:25 Burris 1 run (Bojovic kick) 0-9
PIT 1 5:02 Fricke 55 FG 3-9
DET 1 1:31 Bradford 17 run (Bojovic kick) 3-16
DET 2 11:51 Bojovic 50 FG 3-19
PIT 2 9:19 Fricke 30 FG 6-19
DET 2 2:07 Bradford 2 run (Bojovic kick) 6-26
PIT 2 0:10 Powell 2 run (pass failed) 12-26
PIT 3 14:18 Ross 23 fumble recovery (Fricke kick) 19-26
DET 3 7:55 Burris 32 pass to LaFrance (Bojovic kick failed) 19-32
DET 3 6:07 Burris 12 pass to Mullen (Bojovic kick) 19-39
PIT 3 1:04 Totten 19 pass to Gardner (Fricke kick) 26-39

Pittsburgh Gladiators Passing

TOTTEN, Willie193652.81494.110

Detroit Drive Passing

BURRIS, Tony122646.21766.825

Pittsburgh Gladiators Rushing

POWELL, Mike430.81
TOTTEN, Willie3-7- 2.30
MONROE, Thomas166.00
ANDERSON, Aric111.00

Detroit Drive Rushing

BRADFORD, Lynn12463.82
BURRIS, Tony242.01

Pittsburgh Gladiators Receiving

GARDNER, Brian10777.71
MONROE, Thomas4235.80
WILLIAMS, Alvin34515.00
ROSS, Cornelius111.00
ANDERSON, Aric133.00

Detroit Drive Receiving

MULLEN, Gary67111.81
DIXON, Dwayne46616.50
LAFRANCE, George23919.51

Pittsburgh Gladiators MFG Returns

WILLIAMS, Alvin155.00

Detroit Drive MFG Returns

LAFRANCE, George22110.50

Pittsburgh Gladiators INT Returns

HEATH, Jo Jo2115.50
WILLIAMS, Alvin155.00
ROSS, Cornelius221.00

Detroit Drive INT Returns


Pittsburgh Gladiators Kickoff Returns

WILLIAMS, Alvin25929.50
ROSS, Cornelius22814.00

Detroit Drive Kickoff Returns

LAFRANCE, George34515.00

Pittsburgh Gladiators Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
FRICKE, Rusty2/2100.02/633.3

Detroit Drive Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
BOJOVIC, Novo4/580.01/333.3

Pittsburgh Gladiators Defense

WILLIAMS, Alvin6.5530000
COLLINS, Fabray4.0320000
ROSS, Cornelius3.5310001
HEATH, Jo Jo3.5310000
ROSS, Alvin3.0300000
ANDERSON, Aric2.0200010
POWELL, Mike1.5110000
BARRETTA, Larry1.5110000
MONROE, Thomas1.0100000
THOMPSON, Donald1.0100000
FLETCHER, Cecil1.0100000

Detroit Drive Defense

MCCLAY, Will9.5750000
DIXON, Dwayne6.5530000
RETTIG, Alvin6.0600010
LAFRANCE, George4.0400000
BEACHUM, Rodney3.5230000
MATHIS, Reggie2.52121300
EVANS, David1.5110000
BRADFORD, Lynn1.5110000
MULLEN, Gary1.5110000
KMET, James1.0100000
CORVINO, Anthony0.5010000
BOJOVIC, Novo0.0000001