Detroit, MI - Stevie Thomas caught a 35-yard game-winning touchdown pass from rookie quarterback Jay Gruden with 39 seconds left to cap Tampa Bay's first championship. Thomas had five receptions for 117 yards and tied an ArenaBowl record with four scores, earning him game MVP honors.

Gruden passed for 298 yards while, Detroit's Gary Mullen totaled 130 receiving yards.

Sat, Aug 17, 1991 1 2 3 4 F
Tampa Bay Storm 7 21 14 6 48
Detroit Drive 14 7 9 12 42
Team Q Time Scoring Play V-H
TB 1 14:45 Gruden 1 run (Hickert kick) 7-0
DET 1 7:18 Schlichter 10 pass to Mullen (Bojovic kick) 7-7
DET 1 0:22 Schlichter 32 pass to LaFrance (Bojovic kick) 7-14
TB 2 10:07 Gruden 13 pass to Thomas (Hickert kick) 14-14
DET 2 6:50 Rettig 2 run (Bojovic kick) 14-21
TB 2 0:40 Bradford 3 run (Hickert kick) 21-21
TB 2 0:00 Gruden 42 pass to Thomas (Hickert kick) 28-21
DET 3 11:46 Schlichter 13 pass to McClay (Bojovic kick failed) 28-27
TB 3 9:02 Gruden 37 pass to Willis (Hickert kick) 35-27
DET 3 5:30 Bojovic 46 FG 35-30
TB 3 0:52 Gruden 17 pass to Thomas (Hickert kick) 42-30
DET 4 14:10 Schlichter 23 pass to Mullen (Bojovic kick failed) 42-36
DET 4 1:20 Anderson 1 run (pass failed) 42-42
TB 4 0:39 Gruden 35 pass to Thomas (Hickert kick failed) 48-42

Tampa Bay Storm Passing

GRUDEN, Jay203655.62988.353

Detroit Drive Passing

SCHLICHTER, Art173056.72658.842

Tampa Bay Storm Rushing

BRADFORD, Lynn5173.41
GRUDEN, Jay4102.51
WRIGHT, Bo2-2- 1.00
PERKINS, Tracey133.00
BOWDEN, Andre1-4- 4.00

Detroit Drive Rushing

ANDERSON, Shelly5173.41
RETTIG, Alvin3144.71

Tampa Bay Storm Receiving

WILLIS, Darren612420.71
THOMAS, Stevie511723.44
PERKINS, Tracey3196.30
CALIP, Brad3196.30
WRIGHT, Bo11010.00
BRADFORD, Lynn166.00
HOWARD, Anthony133.00

Detroit Drive Receiving

MULLEN, Gary713018.62
LAFRANCE, George46917.31
DIXON, Dwayne33110.30
MCCLAY, Will22211.01
ANDERSON, Shelly11313.00

Tampa Bay Storm MFG Returns


Detroit Drive MFG Returns

LAFRANCE, George11717.00

Tampa Bay Storm INT Returns

BRADFORD, Lynn122.00
WILLIS, Darren100.00

Detroit Drive INT Returns

MULLEN, Gary11414.00
RICHMOND, Rock188.00
RANDLE, Tate100.00

Tampa Bay Storm Kickoff Returns

WILLIS, Darren23618.00
THOMAS, Stevie22713.50
CRAWFORD, Rawland144.00

Detroit Drive Kickoff Returns

LAFRANCE, George59819.60
MCCLAY, Will11212.00

Tampa Bay Storm Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
HICKERT, Paul6/785.70/20.0

Detroit Drive Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
BOJOVIC, Novo3/560.01/333.3

Tampa Bay Storm Defense

WARE, Riley10.01000000
CRAWFORD, Rawland5.0500000
WRIGHT, Bo3.5310001
GIZZI, Tom2.5210000
SMITH, Robert2.0200000
BOWDEN, Andre1.5110000
BROWNER, Keith1.5110000
WILLIS, Darren1.0100000
THOMAS, Stevie1.0100000
PERKINS, Tracey1.0100000
HICKERT, Paul1.0100000
CALIP, Brad1.0100000
BRADFORD, Lynn1.0100000
BENNETT, Reid1.0100000

Detroit Drive Defense

RANDLE, Tate9.0820000
MCCLAY, Will5.5510000
RETTIG, Alvin4.5410001
EVANS, David3.0300000
FLEMING, Flint3.0300000
ROEHLK, Jon2.0120000
ANDERSON, Aric2.0200000
RICHMOND, Rock2.0200010
DIXON, Dwayne1.5110000
CORKER, John1.5110.5300
HARRIS, William1.5110000
CLARK, Bruce1.0020.5200
SLAY, Steve0.5010000
HENNINGS, Ted0.5010000
BOJOVIC, Novo0.5010000