Phoenix, AZ - Hunkie Cooper caught a TD pass, returned a kickoff 56 yards for another score, and ran an interception back for a third, leading the Rattlers to their second ArenaBowl Championship in four seasons.

Iowa was denied the title for the second straight year. Cooper caught a four-yard TD pass from Donnie Davis, a rookie pressed into service when Sherdrick Bonner broke his leg in a semifinal win, to break a 10-10 tie in the second quarter. Following Mike Black's second field goal with 28 seconds left in the half, Cooper fielded a kickoff that bounced off the net deep in his endzone. He burst up the middle for 56 yards to give the Rattlers a 24-13 halftime cushion.

Cooper made it 38-13 with 6:45 left in the third when he leaped high for a pass thrown by Iowa's Kurt Warner, came down in the clear and bolted 30 yards for his third score. Davis also threw 49 and 28 yard scoring strikes to Calvin Schexnayder, the 49-yarder being an ArenaBowl record. Warner, First team All-Arena for the second year in a row, set ArenaBowl record for attempts (51) completions (31) and yards (325).

Mon, Aug 25, 1997 1 2 3 4 F
Iowa Barnstormers 7 6 7 13 33
Arizona Rattlers 3 21 21 10 55
Team Q Time Scoring Play V-H
ARI 1 8:11 Brenner 19 FG 0-3
IA 1 4:59 Warner 30 pass to L.Cooper (Black kick) 7-3
ARI 2 14:57 McMillen 1 run (Brenner kick) 7-10
IA 2 9:44 Black 25 FG 10-10
ARI 2 4:33 Davis 4 pass to H.Cooper (Brenner kick) 10-17
IA 2 0:28 Black 20 FG 13-17
ARI 2 0:21 H.Cooper 56 kickoff return (Brenner kick) 13-24
ARI 3 9:09 Davis 1 run (Brenner kick) 13-31
ARI 3 7:22 H.Cooper 30 interception return (Brenner kick) 13-38
IA 3 4:33 Warner 30 pass to L.Cooper (Black kick) 20-38
ARI 3 3:47 Davis 49 pass to Schexnayder (Brenner kick) 20-45
IA 4 14:56 Jacox 1 run (Black kick) 27-45
ARI 4 9:01 Davis 28 pass to Schexnayder (Brenner kick) 27-52
ARI 4 3:43 Brenner 44 FG 27-55
IA 4 0:21 Warner 9 pass to Conley (conversion failed) 33-55

Iowa Barnstormers Passing

WARNER, Kurt315160.83256.432

Arizona Rattlers Passing

DAVIS, Donnie132161.91909.030

Iowa Barnstormers Rushing

WARNER, Kurt100.00
JACOX, Willis111.01

Arizona Rattlers Rushing

KELLY, Bo5346.80
MCMILLEN, Bob581.61
DAVIS, Donnie382.71
EASTER, Brian242.00

Iowa Barnstormers Receiving

COOPER, Lamart1011611.62
JACOX, Willis79113.00
JAMES, Carlos55410.80
CONLEY, Leonard4358.81
HORACEK, Mike3217.00
MORAN, Ron1-1- 1.00
CATCHINGS, Tony199.00

Arizona Rattlers Receiving

SCHEXNAYDER, Calvin813817.32
COOPER, Hunkie2115.51
GATEWOOD, Randy22211.00
DUNCAN, Herb11919.00

Iowa Barnstormers MFG Returns


Arizona Rattlers MFG Returns

SCHEXNAYDER, Calvin122.00

Iowa Barnstormers INT Returns


Arizona Rattlers INT Returns

COOPER, Hunkie13030.01
WALKER, Cedric122.00

Iowa Barnstormers Kickoff Returns

JACOX, Willis44711.80
COOPER, Lamart23819.00

Arizona Rattlers Kickoff Returns

COOPER, Hunkie27135.51
SCHEXNAYDER, Calvin11919.00
GREEN, Junior100.00

Iowa Barnstormers Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
BLACK, Mike3/3100.02/540.0

Arizona Rattlers Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
BRENNER, Anthon7/7100.02/2100.0

Iowa Barnstormers Defense

JAMES, Carlos4.0400000
HARRINGTON, Todd4.0400000
PHIFER, Hiawatha2.5210000
MOTTON, John2.5210000
ELLER, Matt2.5210000
MORAN, Ron2.0200000
CATCHINGS, Tony2.0120000
EAGLIN, Gregory2.0200000
CONLEY, Leonard2.0200000
HOUGHTON, Steve1.5110000
HOWE, Garry1.0101300
COOPER, Lamart1.0100000
HORACEK, Mike1.0100000

Arizona Rattlers Defense

WALKER, Cedric11.51110000
DOGGETTE, Cecil4.0400000
GREEN, Junior3.5310000
COOPER, Hunkie3.0300000
DUNCAN, Herb3.0300000
GATEWOOD, Randy2.5210000
BURCH, Joe1.5110000
EASTER, Brian1.0100000
TUCKER, Mark1.0100000
HENDERSON, Tony1.0100000