San Jose, CA - San Jose QB John Dutton earned game MVP honors, throwing for 236 yards and 5 TDs while completing 20-of-26 passes (76.9%). The five TD passes by Dutton tied him with Jay Gruden for the third-most thrown in a championship game. Dutton's performance was all the more dramatic when one considers that he spent most of 2002 as the backup to SaberCats QB Mark Grieb, who was inactive for the playoffs after suffering an injury late in the regular season. It was the first-ever ArenaBowl title won by the SaberCats in their first appearance in the title game.

The 38-point win was the largest margin of victory in ArenaBowl history, while the 52 points scored by the SaberCats was the sixth-most in championship game history. San Jose finished the 2002 season by scoring 50 or more points in all 16 games played, and recorded a record 16 total wins on the year, including the playoffs. Arizona, which won AFL titles in 1994 and 1997, suffered the franchise's first loss in an ArenaBowl.

WR/DB Omarr Smith earned Ironman of the Game honors after recording 5 tackles (all solo), one interception and a fumble recovery on defense, and four receptions for 34 yards and nine rushing yards on offense. OS James Hundon caught eight passes for 97 yards and three scores for San Jose. Veteran WR/DB Barry Wagner moved into a tie for second place in ArenaBowl history for career rushing TDs with three after scoring on a two-yard run in the second quarter.

Arizona QB Sherdrick Bonner completed 14-of-32 passes for 172 yards, one TD and one INT. OS Maurice Bryant caught eight passes for a game-high 126 yards and a score for the Rattlers, who were held scoreless for the first three quarters of the game before averting the shutout with 14 fourth-quarter points.

Sun, Aug 18, 2002 1 2 3 4 F
Arizona Rattlers 0 0 0 14 14
San Jose SaberCats 7 17 14 14 52
Team Q Time Scoring Play V-H
SJS 1 9:17 Dutton 28 pass to Hundon (Alcorn kick) 0-7
SJS 2 14:18 Dutton 2 pass to Hundon (Alcorn kick) 0-14
SJS 2 0:50 Alcorn 31 FG 0-17
SJS 2 0:11 Wagner 2 run (Alcorn kick) 0-24
SJS 3 12:38 Dutton 12 pass to Roe (Alcorn kick) 0-31
SJS 3 6:55 Dutton 32 pass to Reese (Alcorn kick) 0-38
SJS 4 12:05 McMillen 1 run (Alcorn kick) 0-45
ARI 4 9:24 Bonner 30 pass to M. Bryant (Bonner pass to Cooper) 8-45
SJS 4 6:01 Dutton 2 pass to Hundon (Alcorn kick) 8-52
ARI 4 2:30 Kelly 3 run (Bonner pass failed) 14-52

Arizona Rattlers Passing

BONNER, Sherdrick143243.81725.411
HIXSON, Chris2366.7299.700
COOPER, Hunkie010.000.000

San Jose SaberCats Passing

DUTTON, John202676.92369.150
WOOD, Scott11100.099.000

Arizona Rattlers Rushing

KELLY, Bo231.51

San Jose SaberCats Rushing

WILLIAMS, James3103.30
MCMILLEN, Bob382.71
WAGNER, Barry273.51
SMITH, Omarr294.50
KINSINGER, Matt221.00

Arizona Rattlers Receiving

BRYANT, Maurice812615.81
BRYANT, Orshawonte3279.00
COOPER, Hunkie2168.00
KELLY, Bo177.00
GATEWOOD, Randy11111.00
EVANS, Stacy11414.00

San Jose SaberCats Receiving

HUNDON, James89712.13
SMITH, Omarr4348.50
REESE, Jerry35618.71
ROE, James33210.71
WAGNER, Barry22412.00
KINSINGER, Matt122.00

Arizona Rattlers MFG Returns


San Jose SaberCats MFG Returns

THOMAS, Clevan23216.00

Arizona Rattlers INT Returns


San Jose SaberCats INT Returns

SMITH, Omarr100.00

Arizona Rattlers Kickoff Returns

COOPER, Hunkie611118.50

San Jose SaberCats Kickoff Returns

THOMAS, Clevan24020.00

Arizona Rattlers Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
POOLER, Kyle0/00.00/30.0

San Jose SaberCats Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
ALCORN, Daron7/7100.01/1100.0

Arizona Rattlers Defense

PARKER, Ricky5.5430000
COOPER, Hunkie5.0340000
GATEWOOD, Randy4.5410000
DOGGETTE, Cecil4.0320000
TUCKER, Mark3.0300000
ADDERSON, Nikia2.5211510
BRYANT, Orshawonte2.0200000
STINGLEY, Derek2.0200000
TALANOA, Ken2.0120000
GAINES, Wendall1.5110000
BARRIE, Sebastian1.5110000
PEAUA, John1.5110010

San Jose SaberCats Defense

DAVIS, Wendell5.5430000
SMITH, Omarr5.0500001
THOMAS, Clevan4.0320011
REESE, Jerry1.5110010
MCMILLEN, Bob1.5110000
ULUFALE, Mike1.0100000
ROE, James1.0100000
BATTLE, Albrey1.0100000
HERNANDEZ, Sam1.0101900
JACOBS, Joe0.5010000
BEEDE, Frank0.5010000
WAGNER, Barry0.5010000