Phoenix, AZ - Quarterback Mark Grieb passed for eight touchdowns, five to James Roe, as San Jose overcame a see-saw battle with Arizona to win 69-62 before a sellout crowd at America West Arena in Phoenix. Arizona lost its third consecutive ArenaBowl, and San Jose won the championship for the second time in three years.

Arizona had swept the season series with San Jose and had won the last three contests overall against the SaberCats before falling in the championship game. Grieb was named offensive player of the game with his performance. The crowd of 17,391 was the largest to witness an AFL game at America West Arena.

The game saw eight ties and multiple lead changes, with the final possession determining the outcome of the contest. With 30 seconds left in the game, Bonner had to start from his own 11-yard line trailing 69-62. He drove the Rattlers to the San Jose five with two seconds to play.

The final play of the game was a Bonner pass that sailed over the head of WR Orshawante Bryant and through the end zone incomplete, preserving the winning margin for San Jose.

Sun, Jun 27, 2004 1 2 3 4 F
San Jose SaberCats 14 21 7 27 69
Arizona Rattlers 14 14 14 20 62
Team Q Time Scoring Play V-H
ARI 1 10:13 Bonner 29 pass to Burley (Garner kick) 0-7
SJS 1 6:59 Grieb 8 pass to Roe (Frantz kick) 7-7
ARI 1 5:18 Bonner 33 pass to Bryant (Garner kick) 7-14
SJS 1 1:27 Grieb 22 pass to Coleman (Frantz kick) 14-14
SJS 2 8:34 Grieb 11 pass to Roe (Frantz kick) 14-21
ARI 2 4:33 Bonner 26 pass to Burley (Garner kick) 21-21
SJS 2 0:52 Grieb 3 pass to Roe (Frantz kick) 28-21
ARI 2 0:07 Cooper 4 run (Garner kick) 28-28
SJS 2 0:00 Grieb 38 pass to Roe (Frantz kick) 35-28
ARI 3 11:35 Kelly 6 run (Garner kick) 35-35
SJS 3 8:42 Grieb 31 pass to Roe (Frantz kick) 42-35
ARI 3 3:51 Bonner 21 pass to Bryant (Garner kick) 42-42
SJS 4 14:50 Wagner 1 run (Frantz kick) 42-49
ARI 4 11:31 Bonner 7 pass to Bryant (Garner kick) 49-49
SJS 4 8:36 Grieb 33 pass to Hundon (Frantz kick) 56-49
ARI 4 6:03 Bonner 5 pass to Burley (Garner kick) 56-56
SJS 4 3:44 Grieb 2 pass to Coleman (Frantz kick) 63-56
ARI 4 0:31 Bonner 9 pass to Burley (Bonner pass failed) 63-62
SJS 4 0:30 Reed 7 kickoff return (Frantz kick failed) 69-62

San Jose SaberCats Passing

GRIEB, Mark273675.03289.180

Arizona Rattlers Passing

BONNER, Sherdrick274264.33678.770

San Jose SaberCats Rushing

JOHNSON, Brian210.50
WAGNER, Barry111.01

Arizona Rattlers Rushing

KELLY, Bo166.01
COOPER, Hunkie144.01

San Jose SaberCats Receiving

ROE, James811914.95
HUNDON, James710715.31
COLEMAN, Fred7547.72
PAULEY, Charles3227.30
WAGNER, Barry22613.00

Arizona Rattlers Receiving

BURLEY, Siaha1116615.14
BRYANT, Orshawonte713018.63
COOPER, Hunkie4338.30
GATEWOOD, Randy3258.30
PACE, Tom2136.50

San Jose SaberCats MFG Returns


Arizona Rattlers MFG Returns


San Jose SaberCats INT Returns


Arizona Rattlers INT Returns


San Jose SaberCats Kickoff Returns

COLEMAN, Fred36120.30
WAGNER, Barry23517.50
DAVIS, Rashied11818.00
REED, Chuck177.01

Arizona Rattlers Kickoff Returns

BURLEY, Siaha712117.30

San Jose SaberCats Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
FRANTZ, Dan9/1090.00/10.0

Arizona Rattlers Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
GARNER, Nelson8/8100.00/00.0

San Jose SaberCats Defense

SMITH, Omarr10.51010000
DAVIS, Rashied6.0600000
WAGNER, Barry5.5510000
COLEMAN, Fred1.0100000
HERNANDEZ, Sam1.0101500
KINSINGER, Matt1.0100000
REED, Chuck1.0100000
ROE, James1.0100000
WILLIAMS, George1.0100000

Arizona Rattlers Defense

PARKER, Ricky7.0620000
BRYANT, Orshawonte5.5510000
GAINES, Wendall4.0320000
HUNTER, Kelvin4.0320010
AMEY, Vince2.5210000
PACE, Tom1.0100000
GATEWOOD, Randy1.0100000
COOPER, Hunkie1.0100000
ANDERSEN, Jason1.0100000
TUCKER, Mark1.0100000