Tampa Bay



Amalie Arena - Tampa, FL

Tampa Bay21720957


Cleveland Passing

NELSON, Arvell111957.91421255.0
MARSH, Tanner1425.040039.6

Tampa Bay Passing

HIPPEARD, Randy223661.123451103.2
BONNER, Chris010.000039.6

Cleveland Receiving

PRESTON, Michael99812810.9
TAYLOR, Collin23603218.0
RICHARDSON, J.11201212.0

Tampa Bay Receiving

HILLS, Joe1012123612.1
INGS, Kendrick78222711.7
BROWN, LaMark3191136.3
LINDSEY, Michael212086.0

Cleveland Rushing

NELSON, Arvell3141114.7
RICHARDSON, J.3130104.3

Tampa Bay Rushing

HIPPEARD, Randy34121.3
CAVE, Ryan1-100- 1.0
BONNER, Chris2-301- 1.5

Cleveland Kickoff Returns

VEAL, Kenny613704622.8

Tampa Bay Kickoff Returns

LINDSEY, Michael33001410.0
INGS, Kendrick12102121.0

Cleveland Fumble Returns

SEITHER, Nick12512525.0

Tampa Bay Fumble Returns

LINDSEY, Michael14104.0
JACKSON, Alvin Ray12022.0

Cleveland Kicking

 PATField Goals
BASIL, Drew33100.000000

Tampa Bay Kicking

 PATField Goals
LEWIS, Mark6875.011100.0390

Cleveland Defense

NORMAN, Marrio7.571000000029000
MOORE, Terence3.53100000016000
OBI, Fred33000000000000
PRESTON, Michael33000000000000
OBI, KC22010100000000
TAYLOR, Collin22000000000000
VEAL, Kenny22000000000000
MCGINNIS, Willie22000000000000
WILSON, Devin1.51100000000000
RICHARDSON, J.1.51100000000000
SUMMERS, Derrick1.51100000000000
SEITHER, Nick1.511000112500000
BICE, Adam11000000000000

Tampa Bay Defense

GORMAN, Jabari6.56100000000000
PHILLIPS, Al44000000000000
JACKSON, Alvin Ray3.531000022222000
LINDSEY, Michael22000001400000
DILLON, Antron22000000000000
MILLER, Jordan22010410000104
JACKSON, Dexter1.51100000000000
INGS, Kendrick11000000000000
HILLS, Joe11000000000000
LEWIS, Monte11000000000000

Team Totals

First Downs1214
Rush Attempts66
Average Per Rush4.50.0
Rushing Touchdowns11
Avg per Attempt6.26.3
Avg per Completion11.810.6
Total Offense Yards169234
Total Offense Plays3043
Average Gain Per Play5.65.4
Fumbles: No-Lost4-31-1
Penalties: No-Yards9-847-57
Average Yards Per Kickoff53.353.8
MFG Returns: No-Yds-TD0-0-00-0-0
Average Per Return00
Kickoff Returns: No-Yds-TD6-137-04-51-0
Average Per Return22.812.8
INT Returns: No-Yds-TD1-35-12-22-1
Average Per Return35.011.0
Fumble Returns: No-Yds-TD1-25-12-6-1
Average Per Return25.03.0
Miscellaneous Yards00
Possession Time23:5436:06
Third-Down Conversions0 of 54 of 9
Fourth-Down Conversions1 of 33 of 3
Red-Zone Scores-Chances2-32-2
Field goals00
Sacks By: Number-Yards0-01-4
PAT Kicks3 of 36 of 8
Field Goals0 of 01 of 1
Touchdowns (Rush-Pass-Return)1-1-21-5-2

1st Quarter Plays

C1-10CLE 0CLE wins the toss and elects to defer.00
C1-10CLE 0CLE ball on CLE0.00
C1-10CLE 0Start of 1st quarter, clock 15:00.00
C1-10CLE 0BASIL, Drew kickoff 49 yards to the TBS1, LINDSEY, Michael return 5 yards to the TBS6 (WILSON, Devin;RICHARDSON, J.).00
T1-10TBS 6HIPPEARD, Randy pass incomplete to INGS, Kendrick.00
T2-10TBS 6HIPPEARD, Randy pass complete to HILLS, Joe for 8 yards to the TBS14 (NORMAN, Marrio;MOORE, Terence).00
T3-2TBS 14HIPPEARD, Randy pass incomplete to HILLS, Joe, dropped pass.00
T4-2TBS 14HIPPEARD, Randy pass complete to HILLS, Joe for 36 yards to the CLE0, 1ST DOWN TBS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 12:00.06
T1-GCLE 3LEWIS, Mark kick attempt good.07
T1-GTBS 0Clock 11:18.07
T1-GTBS 0LEWIS, Mark kickoff 58 yards to the CLE-8, touchback.07
C1-10CLE 5CLEVELAND GLADIATORS drive start at 11:18.07
C1-10CLE 5NELSON, Arvell pass incomplete to PRESTON, Michael (STUBBS, Cortez).07
C2-10CLE 5NELSON, Arvell pass incomplete to PRESTON, Michael.07
C3-10CLE 5NELSON, Arvell pass intercepted by JACKSON, Alvin Ray at the CLE19, JACKSON, Alvin Ray return 19 yards to the CLE0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 09:38.013
T1-GCLE 3LEWIS, Mark kick attempt good.014
T1-GTBS 0LEWIS, Mark kickoff 55 yards to the CLE-5, VEAL, Kenny return 17 yards to the CLE12 (LINDSEY, Michael).014
C1-10CLE 12CLEVELAND GLADIATORS drive start at 09:02.014
C1-10CLE 12NELSON, Arvell pass complete to PRESTON, Michael for 12 yards to the CLE24, 1ST DOWN CLE (GORMAN, Jabari).014
C1-10CLE 24NELSON, Arvell pass complete to PRESTON, Michael for 7 yards to the TBS19, out-of-bounds (MILLER, Jordan).014
C2-3TBS 19NELSON, Arvell pass incomplete to TAYLOR, Collin, PENALTY TBS IC (PHILLIPS, Al) 5 yards to the TBS14, 1ST DOWN CLE, NO PLAY.014
C1-10TBS 14NELSON, Arvell pass complete to PRESTON, Michael for 2 yards to the TBS12 (JACKSON, Alvin Ray).014
C2-8TBS 12NELSON, Arvell pass complete to PRESTON, Michael for 7 yards to the TBS5 (PHILLIPS, Al).014
C3-1TBS 5RICHARDSON, J. rush for no gain to the TBS5 (LEWIS, Monte).014
C4-1TBS 5Timeout Cleveland Gladiators, clock 05:06.014
C4-1TBS 5PENALTY CLE false start (LAND, Alex) 5 yards to the TBS10.014
C4-6TBS 10NELSON, Arvell pass complete to PRESTON, Michael for 10 yards to the TBS0, 1ST DOWN CLE, TOUCHDOWN, clock 05:03.614
C1-GTBS 3PENALTY CLE false start (LAND, Alex) 4 yards to the TBS7.614
C1-GTBS 7BASIL, Drew pass attempt failed (intercepted), returned by JACKSON, Alvin Ray - no score.614
C1-GCLE 0Clock 04:12.614
C1-GCLE 0BASIL, Drew kickoff 53 yards to the TBS-3, INGS, Kendrick return 21 yards to the TBS18 (PRESTON, Michael;WILSON, Devin).614
T1-10TBS 18TAMPA BAY STORM drive start at 04:12.614
T1-10TBS 18HIPPEARD, Randy pass incomplete to HILTON, Justin (OBI, Fred), PENALTY CLE illegal defense (SEITHER, Nick) 5 yards to the TBS23, 1ST DOWN TBS, NO PLAY.614
T1-10TBS 23PENALTY TBS false start 5 yards to the TBS18.614
T1-15TBS 18HIPPEARD, Randy pass complete to INGS, Kendrick for 9 yards to the CLE23 (VEAL, Kenny).614
T2-6CLE 23HIPPEARD, Randy pass complete to INGS, Kendrick for 23 yards to the CLE0, 1ST DOWN TBS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 01:34.620
T1-GCLE 3LEWIS, Mark kick attempt good.621
T1-GTBS 0Clock 00:54.621
T1-GTBS 0LEWIS, Mark kickoff 54 yards to the CLE-4, VEAL, Kenny return 15 yards to the CLE11 (HILLS, Joe;GORMAN, Jabari).621
C1-10CLE 11CLEVELAND GLADIATORS drive start at 00:54.621
C1-10CLE 11NELSON, Arvell pass complete to TAYLOR, Collin for 32 yards to the TBS7, 1ST DOWN CLE (GORMAN, Jabari;JACKSON, Alvin Ray).621
C1-GTBS 7Clock 00:00.621


 Drive StartDrive EndConsumed 
 QtrSpotTimeOBTSpotTimeHow EndPL/YDSTOPRZ
T1TBS 615:00KOCLE 012:00TD4/443:00 
C1CLE 511:18KOCLE 509:38INT3/01:40 
T1CLE 009:38INTCLE 009:38TD0/00:00 
C1CLE 1209:02KOTBS 005:03TD6/383:59*
T1TBS 1804:12KOCLE 001:34TD2/322:38 
C1CLE 1100:54KOTBS 812:03Dwns5/313:51*
T2TBS 812:03DWNSCLE 2208:54INT5/203:09 
C2CLE 2108:54INTCLE 2108:54TD0/00:00 
T2TBS 608:03KOCLE 015:00TD12/448:03*
C3CLE 615:00KOCLE 1613:35INT2/101:25 
T3TBS 1013:35INTCLE 009:43TD6/403:52 
C3CLE 508:50KOCLE 508:50NET RCV0/00:00 
T3CLE 608:50NET RCVCLE 007:32TD2/61:18*
C3CLE 306:40KOTBS 004:06TD4/472:34*
T3CLE 1604:06KOCLE 002:47TD1/161:19 
C3CLE 502:47KOTBS 714:24FUMB4/383:23 
T4TBS 714:24FUMBCLE 2408:28FG9/195:56 
C4CLE 408:18KOCLE 408:18NET RCV0/00:00 
T4CLE 408:18NET RCVCLE 408:18TD0/00:00 
C4CLE 1007:16KOCLE 2001:56Dwns6/105:20 
T4CLE 2001:56DWNSTBS 2500:52FUMB2/-51:04 
C4CLE 2500:52FUMBCLE 2500:52TD0/00:00 
T4TBS 800:52KOTBS 900:00END HALF1/10:52 


112:00HILLS, Joe, 36 yard pass from HIPPEARD, Randy
(LEWIS, Mark kick - GOOD)
109:38JACKSON, A. 19 yard interception return
(LEWIS, Mark kick - GOOD)
105:03PRESTON, M., 10 yard pass from NELSON, Arvell
(NELSON, Arvell pass to BASIL, Drew - INT)
101:34INGS, Kendrick, 23 yard pass from HIPPEARD, Randy
(LEWIS, Mark kick - GOOD)
208:54NORMAN, Marrio 34 yard interception return
(BASIL, Drew kick - GOOD)
200:00HIPPEARD, Randy rush for 1 yard
(LEWIS, Mark kick - GOOD)
309:43INGS, Kendrick, 27 yard pass from HIPPEARD, Randy
(LEWIS, Mark kick - GOOD)
307:32BROWN, LaMark, 2 yard pass from HIPPEARD, Randy
(LEWIS, Mark kick - FAIL)
304:06NELSON, Arvell rush for 1 yard
(BASIL, Drew kick - GOOD)
302:47HILLS, Joe, 16 yard pass from HIPPEARD, Randy
(LEWIS, Mark kick - GOOD)
408:28LEWIS, Mark 39 yard FG9196:062051
408:18LINDSEY, M. 4 yard net recovery
(LEWIS, Mark kick - FAIL)
400:52SEITHER, Nick 25 yard fumble return
(BASIL, Drew kick - GOOD)