Transactions as of Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Tampa BayPLACING ON RECALLABLE REASSIGNMENTOLJoe Unga6'0"320Nov, 5, 1987Midwestern State1
Tuesday, March 21, 2017
ClevelandHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRMichael Preston6'5"215Jun, 1, 1989Heidelberg1
PLACING ON PHYSICALLY UNABLE TO PERFORMDLShubert Bastien6'5"270Aug, 20, 1993Middle Tennessee StateR
Tampa BayPLACING ON LEAGUE SUSPENSIONDBEmmanuel Cook5'10"200Jan, 20, 1988South Carolina2
PLACING ON REFUSE TO REPORTDBAl Phillips5'11"190Oct, 14, 1985Wagner6
WashingtonACTIVATING FROM REFUSE TO REPORTQBBernard Morris6'4"225May, 29, 1985Marshall7
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBBrian Smith6'0"180Sep, 19, 1990Virginia Union2
PLACING ON REFUSE TO REPORTQBNate Stanley6'5"225Aug, 24, 1989SE Louisiana5
Monday, March 20, 2017
ClevelandACTIVATING FROM REFUSE TO REPORTDLDarryl Cato-Bishop6'4"260Jan, 26, 1990North Carolina State3
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLShubert Bastien6'5"270Aug, 20, 1993Middle Tennessee StateR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBFred Obi6'1"195Sep, 7, 1990San Diego2
PLACING ON PHYSICALLY UNABLE TO PERFORMDLKeith Bowers6'2"285Feb, 25, 1993Maryland1
PLACING ON PHYSICALLY UNABLE TO PERFORMDLAlstevis Squirewell6'0"275Sep, 17, 1992NewberryR
Tampa BayHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBAl Phillips5'11"190Oct, 14, 1985Wagner6
PLACING ON REASSIGNMENT AS A FREE AGENTWRTyrone Goard6'4"215Apr, 30, 1990Eastern Kentucky4
WashingtonHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRTim Benford5'11"190Sep, 2, 1989Tennessee TechR
PLACING ON LEAGUE SUSPENSIONOLMoqut Ruffins6'5"340Apr, 6, 1984Louisiana Tech7
PLACING ON REASSIGNMENTOLKamalie Matthews6'3"315Mar, 5, 1992Murray StateR
Friday, March 17, 2017
BaltimoreHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBQuenton Pointer5'9"190Apr, 16, 1988UNLVR
PLACING ON LEAGUE SUSPENSIONDBTravis Hawkins5'10"195Feb, 18, 1991DelawareR
ClevelandPLACING ON REASSIGNMENT AS A FREE AGENTWRNick Truesdell6'6"250Mar, 14, 1990Cincinnati4
Tampa BayHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLJoe Kaleta6'7"315Nov, 13, 1990Coastal CarolinaR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBDamond Smith5'11"185Jul, 8, 1991South AlabamaR
Thursday, March 16, 2017
ClevelandACTIVATING FROM OTHER LEAGUE EXEMPTOLAslam Sterling6'5"325Aug, 20, 1992Kansas1
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDLBTerence Moore6'2"225Mar, 5, 1987Troy6
PLACING ON REFUSE TO REPORTOLJordan McCray6'3"310May, 31, 1992Central Florida1
PLACING ON REFUSE TO REPORTWRNick Truesdell6'6"250Mar, 14, 1990Cincinnati4
PLACING ON REFUSE TO REPORTDLDarryl Cato-Bishop6'4"260Jan, 26, 1990North Carolina State3
PhiladelphiaHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBLarico Stevenson5'11"200Aug, 22, 1984West Georgia7
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBAnttonio Brown5'11"190Jan, 11, 1990LynchburgR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRDarius Reynolds6'2"215Apr, 4, 1989Iowa State5
Tampa BayPLACING ON PHYSICALLY UNABLE TO PERFORMOLBen Ossai6'6"360Dec, 5, 1986Washington5
PLACING ON REFUSE TO REPORTOLJoe Unga6'0"320Nov, 5, 1987Midwestern State1
PLACING ON REFUSE TO REPORTDBEmmanuel Cook5'10"200Jan, 20, 1988South Carolina2
PLACING ON REFUSE TO REPORTDLMarcus Pittman6'5"285May, 10, 1986Troy6
Wednesday, March 15, 2017
BaltimorePLACING ON REFUSE TO REPORTDLColin Keoshian6'2"295Apr, 10, 1991Illinois State1
PLACING ON REFUSE TO REPORTDLJustin Taimatuia6'1"300Nov, 16, 1993Boise StateR
PLACING ON REFUSE TO REPORTWRReggie Gray5'10"185Apr, 29, 1984Western Illinois7
WashingtonPLACING ON REFUSE TO REPORTDLJames McClinton6'1"310Jul, 4, 1986Kansas7
PLACING ON REFUSE TO REPORTQBBernard Morris6'4"225May, 29, 1985Marshall7
PLACING ON REFUSE TO REPORTOLJohn Collins6'3"305Aug, 22, 1990Harvard3
Friday, March 10, 2017
WashingtonHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBBryce Peila6'1"220May, 8, 1990Western Oregon4
PLACING ON RECALLABLE REASSIGNMENTOLMoqut Ruffins6'5"340Apr, 6, 1984Louisiana Tech7
Thursday, March 9, 2017
BaltimoreACTIVATING FROM LEAGUE SUSPENSIONOLKody Afusia6'3"315Aug, 11, 1991Hawaii2
ClevelandHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDQBTanner Marsh6'4"215May, 29, 1990Arkansas TechR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDLBMichael Carlisle6'0"250Aug, 27, 1991Jacksonville StateR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLDashawn Johnson6'4"310Dec, 25, 1990William Patterson1
PLACING ON REASSIGNMENTOLKeith Williams6'5"310Apr, 8, 1988Nebraska1
Wednesday, March 8, 2017
BaltimoreHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLRobert Hayes6'2"270Mar, 13, 1992Shepherd2
PLACING ON RECALLABLE REASSIGNMENTOLChris Jasperse6'4"305Apr, 4, 1991Marshall1
ClevelandPLACING ON REASSIGNMENT AS FREE AGENTWRRashaad Carter6'2"215Oct, 28, 1989Tusculum3
Monday, March 6, 2017
BaltimorePLACING ON LEAGUE SUSPENSIONOLKody Afusia6'3"315Aug, 11, 1992Hawaii2
Wednesday, March 1, 2017
WashingtonHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLBrandon Sesay6'6"300Dec, 16, 1986Texas Tech5
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBTerrence Smith6'2"205Feb, 9, 1987South Carolina State6
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDQBSean Brackett6'1"205Nov, 3, 1991Columbia2
PLACING ON LEAGUE SUSPENSIONQBTommy Grady6'7"240Mar, 18, 1985Utah7
Tuesday, February 28, 2017
ClevelandHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLDarryl Cato-Bishop6'4"260Jan, 26, 1990North Carolina State3
PLACING ON REASSIGNMENTDLBenjamin Perry6'5"270Aug, 25, 1991Minnesota1
PhiladelphiaHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLWayne Tribue6'3"330Apr, 30, 1990Temple2
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRWill Martin5'9"185Nov, 7, 1991St. FrancisR
Friday, February 24, 2017
BaltimorePLACING ON RECALLABLE REASSIGNMENTDBLarico Stevenson5'11"200Aug, 22, 1984West Georgia7
TRADED FROM TAMPA BAYDBTrey Wolfe6'0"190Oct, 24, 1988Fort Valley State1
TRADED TO TAMPA BAYFuture Considerations
TRADED TO TAMPA BAYClaim Order Position #5
Tampa BayACTIVATING FROM RECALLABLE REASSIGNMENTDBShaine Boyle5'10"190May, 1, 1988Faulkner3
TRADED FROM BALTIMOREClaim Order Position #5
TRADED FROM BALTIMOREFuture Considerations
TRADED TO BALTIMOREDBTrey Wolfe6'0"190Oct, 24, 1988Fort Valley State1
Thursday, February 23, 2017
BaltimoreTRADED FROM PHILADELPHIAClaim Order Position #5
TRADED TO PHILADELPHIALBJoe Goosby6'1"230Sep, 6, 1986Tulane6
PhiladelphiaHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRPoppy Livers5'7"175Mar, 4, 1992VillanovaR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLTeddy Jennings6'6"270Mar, 15, 1990UConn3
TRADED FROM BALTIMORELBJoe Goosby6'1"230Sep, 6, 1986Tulane6
TRADED TO BALTIMOREFuture Considerations
TRADED TO BALTIMOREClaim Order Position #5
Tampa BayACTIVATING FROM RECALLABLE REASSIGNMENTDBEmmanuel Cook5'10"200Jan, 20, 1988South Carolina2
PLACING ON RECALLABLE REASSIGNMENTDBShaine Boyle5'10"190May, 1, 1988Faulkner3
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Tampa BayACTIVATING FROM RECALLABLE REASSIGNMENTDBDallas Jackson6'2"190Nov, 20, 1995JacksonvilleR
PLACING ON RECALLABLE REASSIGNMENTDBEmmanuel Cook5'10"200Jan, 20, 1988South Carolina2
Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Tampa BayACTIVATING FROM RECALLABLE REASSIGNMENTDBQua Cox5'11"190Apr, 28, 1991Jackson State1
PLACING ON RECALLABLE REASSIGNMENTDBDallas Jackson6'2"190Nov, 20, 1995JacksonvilleR
Monday, February 20, 2017
PhiladelphiaHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLJustin Wells6'4"310Jan, 6, 1988Saint Augustine3
Tampa BayACTIVATING FROM RECALLABLE REASSIGNMENTWRMichael Lindsey6'2"210Jul, 10, 1987NW Mississippi CC5
PLACING ON RECALLABLE REASSIGNMENTDBQua Cox5'11"190Apr, 28, 1991Jackson State1
WashingtonHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRTom Gilson6'2"210Nov, 6, 1988UMASS4
PLACING ON LEAGUE SUSPENSIONWRFred Williams6'0"200Apr, 15, 1988St. Cloud State4
Friday, February 17, 2017
Tampa BayACTIVATING FROM RECALLABLE REASSIGNMENTQBMichael German6'3"235Oct, 22, 1991Tennessee StateR
PLACING ON RECALLABLE REASSIGNMENTWRMichael Lindsey6'2"210Jul, 10, 1987NW Mississippi CC5
WashingtonHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDQBErik Meyer6'1"215Dec, 28, 1982Eastern Washington6
Thursday, February 16, 2017
BaltimorePLACING ON RECALLABLE REASSIGNMENTLBWesley Mauia6'0"280Feb, 5, 1986Western New Mexico5
Tampa BayACTIVATING FROM RECALLABLE REASSIGNMENTQBJohn Brown6'1"285Jun, 26, 1988Valdosta State1
PLACING ON RECALLABLE REASSIGNMENTQBMichael German6'3"235Oct, 22, 1991Tennessee StateR
Wednesday, February 15, 2017
BaltimoreHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDFBRory Nixon6'1"305Sep, 10, 1991St. Augustine3
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDLBDerrell Johnson6'2"260Mar, 27, 1990East CarolinaR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBJosh Victorian5'10"190Jul, 10, 1988Louisiana Tech2
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLKamal Johnson6'3"315Dec, 9, 1991TempleR
Tampa BayHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRTyron Goard6'4"215Apr, 30, 1990Eastern Kentucky4
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLIno Vitale6'5"330Jan, 18, 1987Southwest BaptistR
PLACING ON REASSIGNMENTKDelbert Alvarado5'11"205Jan, 3, 1989South Florida1
PLACING ON RECALLABLE REASSIGNMENTOLJohn Brown6'1"285Jun, 26, 1988Valdosta State1
Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Tampa BayHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBArthur Hobbs5'10"195Nov, 18, 1989Nebraska1
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLMiles Mason6'4"305Aug, 29, 1989Utah1
PLACING ON REASSIGNMENTQBPete Thomas6'5"235Oct, 11, 1991Michigan State1
Monday, February 13, 2017
PhiladelphiaHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRAaron Wascha6'3"205May, 2, 1992R
WashingtonHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLJohnnie Farms6'2"320Sep, 17, 1990MemphisR
PLACING ON LEAGUE SUSPENSIONOLVisesio Salt6'3"340Jan, 1, 1988Utah1
Friday, February 10, 2017
BaltimoreHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDQBShane Carden6'2"210Nov, 6, 1991East CarolinaR
PLACING ON LEAGUE SUSPENSIONQBWarren Smith6'0"200Feb, 20, 1990Maine2
ClevelandPLACING ON LEAGUE SUSPENSIONWRPhillip Barnett6'3"210Jun, 3, 1990Toledo3
PhiladelphiaHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLJake Metz6'6"270Mar, 16, 1991Shippensburg2
WashingtonPLACING ON LEAGUE SUSPENSIONWRJeremy Gallon5'9"180Feb, 9, 1990MichiganR
Wednesday, February 8, 2017
ClevelandHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLJordan McCray6'3"310May, 31, 1992Central Florida1
PhiladelphiaHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLTevin Hood6'0"290Jul, 9, 1992ArizonaR
Tuesday, February 7, 2017
BaltimoreHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLJace Daniels6'4"315Nov, 20, 1990Northern MichiganR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLKC Obi6'2"250Sep, 14, 1990North Texas3
Thursday, February 2, 2017
Tampa BayHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLOJ Mau6'1"305Sep, 28, 1984Gardner-WebbR
Wednesday, February 1, 2017
BaltimoreHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRLevasier Tuinei6'5"230Sep, 29, 1990OregonR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBVarmah Sonie5'9"180Jul, 8, 1990Northern Iowa3
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLJustin Taimatuia6'1"300Nov, 16, 1993Boise StateR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLCalvin Fance6'1"255Oct, 3, 1987Angelo State4
PLACING ON OTHER LEAGUE EXEMPTDBAlfonzo Dennard5'10"200Sep, 9, 1989NebraskaR
TRADING FROM CLEVELANDWRPaul Browning6'3"220Aug, 5, 1992Colorado State Pueblo1
TRADING TO CLEVELANDDLBenjamin Perry6'5"270Aug, 25, 1991Minnesota1
ClevelandHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRCollin Taylor6'0"200Feb, 28, 1987Indiana7
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRBrandon Thompkins5'10"195Oct, 9, 1987Arkansas State6
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRLarry Brackins6'5"225Nov, 5, 1982Pearl River CC9
TRADING FROM BALTIMOREDLBenjamin Perry6'5"270Aug, 25, 1991Minnesota1
TRADING TO BALTIMOREWRPaul Browning6'3"220Aug, 5, 1992Colorado State Pueblo1
PhiladelphiaHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLDame Ndiaye6'4"265Apr, 13, 1992Portland StateR
WashingtonHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLKamalie Matthews6'3"315Mar, 5, 1992Murray StateR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLJarien Moreland6'5"310Dec, 26, 1988Southern Illinois2
Tuesday, January 31, 2017
BaltimoreHAVE BEEN ASSIGNED (via Expansion Draft Jan 31, 2017)OLChris Jasperse6'4"305Apr, 4, 1991Marshall1
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED (via Expansion Draft Jan 31, 2017)DBBradon Stephens5'11"210Dec, 4, 1987Miami OH2
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED (via Expansion Draft Jan 31, 2017)DLBenjamin Perry6'5"270Aug, 25, 1991Minnesota1
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED (via Expansion Draft Jan 31, 2017)DLCollin Keoshian6'2"295Apr, 10, 1991Illinois State1
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED (via Expansion Draft Jan 31, 2017)DBLaRico Stevenson5'11"200Aug, 22, 1984West Georgia7
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED (via Expansion Draft Jan 31, 2017)LBJoe Goosby6'1"230Sep, 6, 1986Tulane6
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED (via Expansion Draft Jan 31, 2017)QBWarren Smight6'0"200Feb, 20, 1990Maine2
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED (via Expansion Draft Jan 31, 2017)LBWesley Mauia6'0"280Feb, 5, 1986Western New Mexico5
ClevelandHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBArness Ikner5'7"175Jul, 19, 1990Middle Tennessee State4
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBKent Richardson5'11"200Apr, 21, 1987West Virginia5
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLKeith Willians6'5"310Apr, 8, 1988Nebraska3
PLACING ON REASSIGNMENTDBDemarcus Robinson6'2"200Jun, 3, 1986Henderson State7
PLACING ON REASSIGNMENTDLZach Anderson6'3"300Nov, 20, 1989Northern Michigan1
PLACING ON REASSIGNMENTDBJoe Phinisee5'10"200Jan, 6, 1986Walsh6
WashingtonHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDFBDerrick Okafor6'2"250May, 25, 1990Southwest BaptistR
Monday, January 30, 2017
BaltimoreHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDQBChase Cartwright6'3"215Aug, 6, 1992Northern Arizona1
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRLaquan Williams6'2"210Jun, 27, 1988Maryland1
TRADING FROM CLEVELANDDLKafitoni Pole6'2"320Feb, 28, 1992Washington State1
TRADING TO CLEVELANDFuture Considerations
ClevelandTRADING FROM BALTIMOREFuture Considerations
TRADING TO BALTIMOREDLKafitoni Pole6'2"320Feb, 28, 1992Washington State1
PhiladelphiaHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBDwayne Hollis5'10"185Jul, 7, 1989North Carolina Wesleyan1
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBJames Romain5'11"175Aug, 6, 1987Delaware7
Tampa BayHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLJeremiah Warren6'3"350Sep, 20, 1987South FloridaR
Friday, January 27, 2017
PhiladelphiaHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLJustin Lawrence6'2"305Jun, 19, 1987Morgan State5
Thursday, January 26, 2017
BaltimoreHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWREmughedi Umodo6'2"215Jul, 22, 1992Northern ArizonaR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRJulian Talley6'1"190Jun, 9, 1989UMASS1
Tampa BayHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDQBMichael German6'3"235Oct, 22, 1991Tennessee StateR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLDexter Jackson6'2"285Mar, 19, 1988Bethune Cookman6
WashingtonHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLZack Bullock6'4"245Feb, 10, 1993South FloridaR
Wednesday, January 25, 2017
BaltimoreHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRReggie Gray5'10"185Apr, 29, 1984Western Illinois7
Tampa BayHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLJordan Miller6'1"315Feb, 1, 1988Southern1
WashingtonHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLAnthony Parker6'6"340Mar, 2, 1989Western Michigan5
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBTracy Belton6'0"185May, 8, 1984UMASS7
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLKenyon Haughton6'3"310Mar, 28, 1991KansasR
Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Tampa BayHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRKendrick Wiggins5'11"185May, 5, 1991East CarolinaR
Monday, January 23, 2017
PhiladelphiaHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLJohn Kling6'8"320Jul, 9, 1993BuffaloR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLJohn Sheehy6'5"265Feb, 20, 1992West Texas A&MR
Tampa BayHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLMax Nacewicz6'2"255Jun, 5, 1993SpringfieldR
Friday, January 20, 2017
ClevelandHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBJordan Holland5'10"190Mar, 15, 1994Prairie View A&MR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLPhillip-Keith Manley6'4"325May, 7, 1990Toldeo2
Thursday, January 19, 2017
BaltimoreHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLKhreem Smith6'4"265Jul, 7, 1979Oklahoma State2
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLLeon Mackey6'5"260Feb, 28, 1989Texas Tech1
ClevelandHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLWillie McGinnis6'3"290Jan, 3, 1989Rhode Island4
Wednesday, January 18, 2017
BaltimoreHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRMarcus Harris6'1"190Mar, 1, 1989Murray State1
Tampa BayHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRJustin Hiton6'3"205Dec, 8, 1988Indiana State1
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLRay McNeil6'2"325Oct, 14, 1984Fort Valley State7
Tuesday, January 17, 2017
BaltimoreHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDQBQumain Black5'11"190May, 28, 1992East Central Oklahoma1
ClevelandHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLVilliseni Fauonuku5'11"285Apr, 30, 1993UtahR
Tampa BayHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRLamark Brown6'4"225Jul, 5, 1989Minnesota State2
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLDave Lefotu6'3"320Mar, 25, 1992HawaiiR
WashingtonHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLDionte Savage6'5"320Feb, 10, 1992Oklahoma1
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLJames Atoe6'7"375Oct, 1, 1991WashingtonR
Monday, January 16, 2017
PhiladelphiaHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDQBLuke Collis6'3"225Jul, 27, 1988Occidental3
Friday, January 13, 2017
ClevelandHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLJaylen Hunter 6'4"300Aug, 10, 1993Middle Tennessee StateR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBParis Logan5'9"185Feb, 7, 1992Northern IllinoisR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDQBShane Boyd6'1"230Sep, 18, 1982Kentucky7
PhiladelphiaHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRRyan McDaniel6'3"200Sep, 8, 1988Samford4
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDFBMykell Benson6'0"280Dec, 30, 1987Florida A&M6
Tampa BayHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBShaine Boyle5'10"190May, 1, 1988Faulkner3
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRKendrick Ings 5'10"180Jun, 17, 1990N/A2
Thursday, January 12, 2017
BaltimoreHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBAlfonzo Dennard5'10"200Sep, 9, 1989NebraskaR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLKody Afusia6'3"315Aug, 11, 1992Hawaii2
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBTravis Hawkins5'10"195Feb, 18, 1991DelawareR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLLepn Brown6'6"330Feb, 24, 1993AlabamaR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLIan Joseph6'6"320Aug, 17, 1992UC Davis1
Tampa BayHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLAntron Dillon6'5"270Jun, 7, 1985North Alabama7
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRMichael Lindsey6'2"210Jul, 10, 1987NW Mississippi CC5
Wednesday, January 11, 2017
ClevelandHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDQBArvell Nelson6'5"230Sep, 27, 1988Texas Southern4
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLDJ Brandel6'5"310Mar, 15, 1991Chapman1
PLACING ON REASSIGNMENTWRLarry Beavers5'10"170Oct, 7, 1985Wesley6
PhiladelphiaHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDQBDan Raudabaugh6'3"225Mar, 30, 1987Miami OH7
WashingtonHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRJulius Gregory6'4"220May, 18, 1988Shaw2
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRTT Toliver6'0"185Jan, 31, 1977Bethune Cookman14
Tuesday, January 10, 2017
ClevelandHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLAlstevis Squirewell6'0"275Sep, 17, 1992NewberryR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRNick Truesdell6'6"250Mar, 14, 1990Cincinnati3
Tampa BayHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBChris Pickett5'11"200Feb, 12, 1992Troy1
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDQBChris Bonner6'6"235Jul, 20, 1993CSU PuebloR
WashingtonHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRRoger Jackson6'3"195Aug, 9, 1989Arkansas Tech2
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLWill Corbin6'6"315Dec, 8, 1990Appalachian StateR
Monday, January 9, 2017
ClevelandHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBRayshuan Kizer5'10"190Feb, 3, 1985Walsh7
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRJajuan Harley6'2"213Jan, 17, 1991MTSUR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRPhillip Barnett6'3"210Jun, 3, 1990Toledo2
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLJacobbi McDaniel6'1"275Oct, 8, 1989Florida StateR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBKeiron Jones5'9"185Nov, 30, 1987Southeastern Louisiana1
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLCJ Cobb6'4"315Mar, 24, 1988Cincinnati3
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRAntonio Vaughan5'9"175Jan, 19, 1992Old Dominion1
Tampa BayHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRJoe Hills6'4"220Oct, 2, 1987Tennessee State6
WashingtonHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBCameron McGlenn6'0"190Feb, 16, 1988Elon6
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLEverett Dawkins6'3"280Jun, 13, 1990Florida State2
Friday, January 6, 2017
PhiladelphiaHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLDavid Osei6'4"305Nov, 16, 1990RutgersR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRLavon Pearson6'2"185Jun, 23, 1991TennesseeR
Tampa BayHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDKMark Lewis5'11"195Mar, 25, 1974Florida International1
TRADED FROM WASHINGTONCompleted Future Considerations
TRADED TO WASHINGTONLBJames Gordon6'2"275Aug, 1, 1991Buffalo1
WashingtonHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRJustin Wilson6'0"185Jan, 24, 1990Delaware State1
TRADED FROM TAMPA BAYLBJames Gordon6'2"275Aug, 1, 1991Buffalo1
TRADED TO TAMPA BAYCompleted Future Considerations
Thursday, January 5, 2017
ClevelandEXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONDLCollin Keoshian6'2"295Apr, 10, 1991Illinois State1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONOLJesse Somsel6'5"315Jun, 25, 1991Saginaw Valley1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONWRPaul Browning6'3"220Aug, 5, 1992Colorado State Pueblo1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONDBMarvin Ross5'11"180May, 11, 1990Florida A&M1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONQBStephen Panasuk6'2"210Jan, 19, 1989LaSalle1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONDLAslam Sterling6'5"325Aug, 20, 1992Kansas1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONOLChris Jasperse6'4"305Apr, 4, 1991Marshall1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONDLNick Seither6'3"270Mar, 2, 1993Georgetown (KY)1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONDLKeith Bowers6'2"285Feb, 25, 1993Maryland1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONDLKalafitoni Pole6'2"320Feb, 28, 1992Washington State1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONWRDevin Wilson6'2"205Oct, 13, 1990Tennessee State1
PLACING ON LEAGUE SUSPENSIONQBStephen Panasuk6'2"210Jan, 19, 1989LaSalleR
PLACING ON LEAGUE SUSPENSIONDBMarvin Ross5'11"180May, 11, 1990Florida A&M1
PLACING ON OTHER LEAGUE EXEMPTDLAslam Sterling6'5"325Aug, 20, 1992Kansas1
PhiladelphiaEXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONWRAndrew Robustelli6'3"215Apr, 27, 1993Jacksonville1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONDBTorez Jones6'1"190Jul, 19, 1990Western Carolina1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONDLBenjamin Perry6'5"270Aug, 25, 1991Minnesota1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONDLSean Daniels6'3"265Nov, 13, 1991Temple1
Tampa BayEXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONKDelbert Alvarado5'11"205Jan, 3, 1989South Florida1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONDLMonte Lewis6'4"265Oct, 14, 1988Jacksonville State1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONDLTorrey Davis6'3"320Sep, 24, 1988Jacksonville State1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONOLJJ Unga6'0"320Nov, 5, 1987Midwestern State1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONOLJohn Brown6'2"305Jun, 26, 1988VSU1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONOLJustin McCray6'3"315May, 31, 1992Central Florida1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONDBDallas Jackson5'10"190Nov, 20, 1995Jacksonville1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONDBTrey Wolfe6'0"190Oct, 24, 1988Fort Valley State1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONDBQua Cox5'11"190Apr, 28, 1991Jackson State1
EXERCISING ROOKIE OPTIONQBPete Thomas6'5"235Oct, 11, 1991North Carolina State1
WashingtonHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBMike McMillan5'11"205Feb, 4, 1990Ashland2
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBDominic Addison6'2"185Feb, 1, 1993Bethune Cookman 21
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLDavid Washington6'2"310Oct, 11, 1992Faulkner2
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLJames McClinton6'1"310Jul, 4, 1986Kansas6
Friday, October 14, 2016
ClevelandHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLZach Anderson6'3"300Nov, 20, 1989Northern MichiganR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLKalafitoni Pole6'2"320Feb, 28, 1992Washington StateR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRRashaad Carter6'2"215Oct, 18, 1989Tusculum2
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLKeith Bowers6'2"285Feb, 25, 1993MarylandR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDLBDerrick Summers6'1"260Aug, 19, 1988Toledo5
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDLBAlvin Ray Jackson6'1"200Aug, 27, 1980Albany State6
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRPaul Browning6'3"220Aug, 5, 1992Colorado State PuebloR
PhiladelphiaHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRAndrew Robustelli6'3"215Apr, 27, 1993Jacksonville1
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLJohn Martinez6'3"305Jul, 23, 1991USC2
Tampa BayHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLMarcus Pittman6'5"285May, 10, 1986Troy5
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLMonte Lewis6'4"265Oct, 14, 1988Jacksonville State1
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLJJ Unga6'0"320Nov, 5, 1987Midwestern State1
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBEmmanuel Cook5'10"200Jan, 20, 1988South Carolina1
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLCaesar Rayford6'7"275Mar, 4, 1986Washington3
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLJustin McCray6'3"315May, 31, 1992Central Florida1
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDBTrey Wolfe6'0"190Oct, 24, 1988Fort Valley State1
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDQBRandy Hippeard6'3"215Dec, 6, 1985Virginia-Wise3
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDQBPete Thomas6'5"235Oct, 11, 1991North Carolina State1
WashingtonHAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLAdam Shead6'4"315Jun, 30, 1992OklahomaR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRGreg Carr6'6"230Oct, 8, 1985Florida State2
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLMoqut Ruffins6'5"340Apr, 6, 1984Louisiana Tech6
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRFred Williams6'0"200Apr, 15, 1988St. Cloud State3
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDQBTommy Grady6'7"240Mar, 18, 1985Utah6
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDQBNate Stanley6'5"225Aug, 24, 1989SE Louisiana4
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLJohn Collins6'3"305Aug, 22, 1990Harvard2
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDOLVisesio Salt Jr6'3"340Jan, 1, 1988UtahR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLReggie Wilson6'3"255Apr, 2, 1992Texas AustinR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDQBBernard Morris6'4"225May, 29, 1985Marshall6
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDDLLaith Wallschleger6'3"280Mar, 15, 1992DelawareR
HAVE BEEN ASSIGNEDWRJeremy Gallon5'9"180Feb, 9, 1990MichiganR
Friday, August 5, 2016
Los AngelesPLACING ON REASSIGNMENTKDonny Hageman6'2"185Feb, 17, 1993San Diego StateR
OrlandoPLACING ON REASSIGNMENTOLCJ Cobb6'4"320Mar, 24, 1988Cincinnati2
PLACING ON REASSIGNMENTWRBrandan Green5'10"185Apr, 26, 1991Grand Valley StateR
Wednesday, August 3, 2016
Los AngelesPLACING ON REASSIGNMENTKJoey Cejudo6'4"200Apr, 14, 1993Youngstown StateR
Tuesday, August 2, 2016
ClevelandPLACING ON REASSIGNMENTWRJosiah Holt5'9"190Jul, 10, 1992Baldwin Wallace1
Tampa BayPLACING ON REASSIGNMENTOLAndrew Miller6'4"310Apr, 24, 1990Virginia Tech1
Sunday, July 31, 2016
Los AngelesPLACING ON REASSIGNMENT AS A FREE AGENTDBTerrence Smith6'2"205Feb, 9, 1987South Carolina State5